Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a mixed bag !!

What a week!! 
Since I last  updated you with my ramblings I have a had a funny week. Firstly Paul gave up smoking Last Friday 1st October & he is still doing very well & I haven't had the urge to walk the dog! He is very calm & laid back about it all. 
On Saturday morning I realised that I had survived a whole week with my half empty nest situation & more too the point Dan had survived his first week of Uni without any major incidents, I was having a cup of tea at 8 o'clock & it dawned on me just a week earlier I was sitting doing exactly the same but breaking my heart about Dan going away, we both survived the week so that was an experience.
Saturday also saw my first crop which was lovely & I had 14 Ladies that all came along for some crafting time & some lovely home baked Lemon Drizzle cake, Oatmeal & Raisin cookies & Chocolate Brownies, all made by Paul as I now work All day on a Friday.
I also started my new working hours & now have 2 full days where I work from home, so far I haven't managed to achieve much as On Thursday last week I had an appointment with a small business adviser & Abi off school following her Physio assessment.
Monday was a working from home day where I managed to get a few samples made & the classes sorted for my new stampers 6 group Monday evening.
Today has been a very weird day firstly I was working at the demo table opposite the lift & the lift was out of order. 

Seriously if the lift sign says out of order !! & they entrance is blocked off , do you still think its a good idea to move the barrier & use the lift?? apparently if the doors open it constitutes a working lift according to some of our customers.!!! This went on repeatedly over a period of 4 hours, I really thought that Jeremy Beadle was going to pop up & say " you've been framed"
A serious amount of twisted logic in store today.

I was forward planning some Christmas ranges today & that got me thinking about what Christmas means to me & I remembered that it will soon be time for the Starbucks red cups, for anyone not in the know that's when the red cups come out filled with deliciousness otherwise known as Eggnogg Latte 530 Calories in a paper cup.
 Well as I popped into Starbucks on my lunch break to enquire about said Red cups it seemed rude not to have a drink whilst I was there So a small Vanilla Latte, my first Coffee since last December when they retired the Red cups...............I was certainly buzzin this afternoon. By the way the red cups are already in-store ready for release in the next few weeks
The Afternoon did improve significantly with the arrival of 6 firemen, without the need of a fire or whole store evacuation this was a real result, because if you didn't know before you all now know that fireman have a very strange effect on me, There is definitely something seriously sexy about a fireman.
Tomorrow is a working from home day so I'm sure that it will be uneventful. But I do have plans for the weekend On Saturday I plan to have a day making seasonal Punch art, so watch this space & Sunday is Stir Up Sunday when I plan to make the Christmas cake & Christmas puddings, that reminds me if anyone has a good Christmas cake recipe please feel free to pass it on.
Well I guess that only leaves me one thing left to do & that's to leave you with my random thought of the day.
Why do they put locks on the doors of 24-hour stores? 

Why is it called rush hour when everything moves so slow? 

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