Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is it? Shimmer Paint

Pigment ink with a touch of shimmer
Available in 3 colours: Champagne Mist, Frost White, and Platinum
Champagne Mist and Frost White are translucentwash them over your project and you’ll get a delicate layer of shine that’s more understated than glitter
Platinum is opaqueit will cover your surface completely, so youll want to use it as an accent colour instead of using it to cover your project
Apply it with a sponge or sponge dauber directly to a stamp or paper
.5 oz. each
“Shimmer paint is pigment ink, so you can do almost anything with it that you can do

As with ink—you can stamp with it, cover an entire section of card stock or paper with it, or apply it over a stamped image or Rub-On. It works on a variety of surfaces: paper, fabric, wood (such as our Texture Cuts wood sheets), leather, and more.” To stamp with shimmer paint, apply a thin layer of paint to the stamp using a sponge dauber or stamping sponge and then stamp as usual (don’t overload the dauber or the paint will seep into the recessed areas of the stamp). Because Champagne Mist and Frost White are translucent, images you stamp with them will be very light. Images stamped with Platinum shimmer paint will be more dramatic. Shimmer paint dries quickly; you don’t need to heat set it on paper or most material.

You can use shimmer paint on natural fibre fabrics, such as cotton, wool, silk, etc., but you must heat set it to make it permanent. To heat set the paint, iron the fabric with the iron set at the appropriate temperature for the fabric. Once the paint is heat set, the shimmer paint will not wash off or smear.

Shimmer Paint can be used in much the same way as the Liquified Pearl-EX .

Shimmer Mist using Shimmer Paint as a base ingredient thus allowing you to create
Shimmer cardstock, ribbon etc.
The formula: 1.5 tsp rubbing alcohol in a mini mister bottle... dip the 'straw' of your
Mister into the shimmer paint, scrape on sides of mister bottle (inside) 5  times.
Replace top, shake vigorously and spray onto porous surface.  Cardstock, ribbon, etc, and will not wipe off.

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