Monday, August 30, 2010

I cannot believe that I am Mum to a 19 year old

I really cannot believe that I am Mum to a 19 year old, where does the time go? Happy Birthday Dan I hope you have a wonderful 20th year.
It has been quite a week in our household, starting with A level results & Dan got 'A' levels in Photography & psychology which means he now has 13 GCSE's & 6 'A' Levels which meant that he had the grades he needed to get into his first choice university at Nottingham Trent. Then Came GCSE results for Abi who got 4 B's & 5 C's which is a very good start on the exams she has taken & she is already looking towards year 11. 
Last week my website went live which Dan & Paul have designed for me to advertise my new venture a bunting hire company, so if you need to decorate an event then take a look so I have been working hard during the evenings and weekends making the beautiful bunting. Last week I was making some beautiful boy bunting & dying the cotton tape turquoise I had a mishap & too many things on my mind, I went to fish the cotton tape out of the dye & instead of using the wooden spoon that was sat next to the bowl I plunged my hands in. Much to my family's amusement I spent the next few days looking like a smurf.
I made Dan a card for his birthday using some Scrapbook papers that I had for a layout with a photographic theme.
The words on the card are stamped with Basic phrases set & 'Dan' is stamped with the Just perfect alphabet also from Stampin' Up.

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