Saturday, July 31, 2010

Queuing to see Katie

Nearly at the door now, camera ready

Yesterday Katie Price was in Norwich to do a book signing & as Abi has read all of her previous books she really wanted to go & see her & get the latest book signed & I have to admit being a keen photographer I was more than a tad curious too see just how much Katie was airbrushed when you see her in magazines. That probably makes me sound like a total bitch but I used to admire her as a working Mother until she split with Peter Andre & had the very public airing of her dirty washing.

We arrived in the city just after 9am to find there was already a long queue & when they came round handing out the tickets so the could keep track of the queue we were number 176 in the queue.
Katie arrived fashionably late, though that's not exactly how be felt when we had been standing in the queue for 3 1/2 hours. But once she started signing she whisked through them, it was a shame that everyone was rushed past her after waiting so long to see her, but i did manage to fire off some pictures so Abi was happy & especially happy when Katie said " Thank you Abi ".

Well in the name of research I have to say she was charming & smiley & the photo's that you see in the gutter press do not do her justice I thought she was very attractive & didn't seem to be the fake plastic wreck that the press have portrayed her as recently.

A happy Abi with her signed copy of Paradise

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