Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flea market bag ~ Home sewn of course

A few weeks ago I found this lovely pattern for a bag & thought I would give it a go, as many of you know Me & sewing machines were an alien concept until about 4 months ago, so I got the pattern checked out to make sure that I wasn't running before I could walk.

The Fabrics are By Tanya Whelan & they are stocked at work.
After a couple of false starts, because the bag is double sided & has an interfacing as well, I kept sewing them together in the wrong order, not once, not twice but three times & to make it worse I had to unpick it each time with a needle & sharp scissors. I learnt my lesson fast & bought an unpicker & touch wood I haven't needed to use it yet.

The bag is reversible & has a double pocket inside.
The pattern actually makes a larger messenger bag as well & you can choose 4 different strap styles & lengths.

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