Friday, May 28, 2010

What is it for friday ~ Versamark


versamark is one of the most versatile ink pads that is availalable, It is a clear ink that was originally designed for embossing, Versamark is a Glycerin based pad and therefore it stays tacky longer to hold the embossing powder, but as I said its very versatile & can be used in a many different ways.

    This is great for backgrounds, it will deepen the shade of coloured paper wherever you stamp. Just think about this, for every colour of paper you own, you now have a complementary colour of ink!


    There are a couple of ways to accomplish this effect on light colored card stocks.

    1.) Apply chalks to the area to be stamped, stamp with VersaMark and allow to dry or use heat gun. Then rub gently with a clean cotton ball. You can get a dramatic effect by adding more chalk to a cotton ball or dauber after you stamped with the VersaMark. Or you can emboss while stamped image is still wet with clear embossing powder and the image will jump out at you!

    2.) Stamp first then chalk gently over the stamped area and watch the image magically appear.


    This time you use brightly coloured chalk to cover dark coloured card stock (Basic Black, Night of Navy, Close to Cocoa, Old Olive, etc.) and then stamp over the chalked area. The ink will pull out the colour of the paper from beneath the chalk. Be sure to clean the stamp before re-inking it as the chalk you removed is now on your stamp and you will dirty your VersaMark pad.


    This technique can be done with VersaMark. Stamp image(s) onto Glossy White card stock using Versamark. Gently wipe away the ink using a lotion-free tissue and small circular motion ( you can also use clear emboosing powder & heat with a heat gun). Ink up your brayer and roll it over the paper. Wherever the VersaMark ink was stamped, the paper will resist the coloured ink from your brayer. This works on matte card stock but looks better on glossy.


  • Using the embossing buddy first, then using the VersaMark to stamp the image on a glass container, then emboss with gold or silver embossing powder & heat CAREFULLY. Fill it with candy and tie a ribbon on it.


    Ink your stamp with VersaMark then stamp on one of our 48 color pads or you can use a dauber to apply the color ink if you are worried about the color pad. Stamp and use clear embossing powder. Heat. Now you can emboss and be perfectly coordinated with the SU! markers, cardstock and inkpads. Be certain to clean stamp before re-inking on VersaMark pad or you will leave color on it.

    Although the VersaMark ink is sticky when applied, it dries like regular ink and loses the stickiness. It is Acid-free and safe for scrapbook pages. It works perfectly on all of our colored cardstock.


Simply stamp your image using Versamark on ultra-smooth white or confetti or some other light CS and then emboss with clear embossing powder. Let cool. Then gently wad paper into a ball or you could fold it into a small square for a different look. Unfold it and smooth it out. Place it on a towel and wet with water so the paper is very damp. Next ink your brayer with multi colours from a custom made ink pad ( using re inkers ) and brayer across the paper. The image will stay white while the ink will seep into cracks and the rest of the paper will have a batik look. (Like back in the 70’s when you applied wax to a pattern on a shirt and then dipped it in dye, cooled and chipped the wax away.)

Vaersamark is also available in a pen which is great for customising projects with names, dates of birth etc.

The ink refill can be used to fill the un-inked cartridges to fit in the wheel handles

The above products are from Stampin' Up & are available to purchase through me

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