Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crop day

Saturday was a bit different as I was invited to a new crop, well it's been going a while but i've never been before.

Looking up the hall to the gallery.
It was in a really lovely old barn on a place called Horstead.

Abi & Angie scrapbooking, looking down the hall from the gallery.

Looking down from the gallery

Abi & Angie Scrapping & eating sweets

It ran from 10 ~ 4 so I actually managed to get a couple of projects nearly completed.
here is the first one its a flip flop book from a 12" x 12" piece of Stampin' Up Kraft card.

Cut the 12 x 12 card into three strips measuring 4" x 12"

Score all three strips in 3" from each end, so your panels are 3" ~ 6" ~ 3"
Crease all of the folds well, when they fold too the centre if the ends overlap trim them with a knife & metal ruler or guillotine so there is a tiny gap.

Then put two pieces together and using a wet glue stick the two 3" panels together & hold for a minute to make sure they wont move whilst drying.

Repeat at the opposite end an stick the two 3" panels together, when the book is dry fold all thel flaps over until your left with the folded book in the first picture, then using a ruler and scoring tool score 1cm in from the spine on what you want to be your front cover, this allows room in the spine for the pages to expand & embellishments to be added.
With my book I added papers and inked all of the edges as I am very much into the vintage look from inking at the moment.
The new Vintage vogue stamp set looks lovely with the flowers matted to make vintaged paper flower embellishments.
I will add another picture as soon as the book is finished.

Kraft card is available from Stampin' Up & is available to purchase through me.

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