Monday, May 3, 2010

The camera is out

The weather here in Norwich can only be described as changeable today, so far we've had Sun, Gales, rain & hail stones. So with my lovely Sony in my hand I have had to take pictures inside today. So the poor animals have had the lens in their faces for some lovely close up shots. I am so pleased I can now take my camera off auto with confidence.
Hard to believe that I've had him 12 years & he was nearly a year old when we got him. He's developed a cough recently its got much worse & when he went off to the vets last week I'm sure he didn't believe us that he was nearly 14 years old, but the poor chap is on antibiotics & they think he has kennel cough. We all have our fingers crossed that is all it is.

our 11 month old crazy kitten

Sadly whilst I was taking these pictures the hail stones stopped & the other three cats all made a quick exit before I turned the camera on them, oh well I expect there will be more bad weather bank holidays to capture the rest of our zoo.

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