Sunday, May 16, 2010

An abundance of Birthday Bunting

In the making ~ all of the triangles cut & stitched together

When I looked at all of the triangles together I thought that I needed more variety so on Friday I went & bought 6 more fat quarters.
The fabrics are a mixture of Amy Butler & Heather Bailey.

Well as promised some pictures of my Amy butler bunting that I have made for Abi's birthday tomorrow.

I got a bit carried away, as many of you know spacial awareness & calculations of size of any sort are not my speciality so before I knew it I had made a stunning 25 metres of this beautiful bunting. At least I gave my Mum a good laugh as she has NEVER knon me to sew anything in my whole life. But since I've had my lovely little sewing machine I have been itching to make something. But now I have a seed of an idea i'm working on.

The bunting is all around the living room at the moment & there is enough for the pergola in the garden. I made a length especially for the porch & in stepped the spacial awareness problem again! ! dont laugh but it's 4 metres long, Paul reminded me that we only have an Average 4 bedroom house & not a mansion.

I have loved making the bunting & now looking for more fabrics.

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