Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Colour renovation: New colour collections are coming

The game of chinese whispers is spreading
& yes the rumours are true.

Stampin' Up! have made a huge announcement regarding their colour families. They are now Colour Collections. They are happening in the States now and we will get them for definite in October for our new Catty!!Here is the lowdown:
Stampin' Up! have conducted lots of surveys and market research in order to come up with this exciting news.We are getting rid of some of the old colours and getting some new colours and also In Colours. We will now only have 4 colour families but woohoo we are also getting new In Colours to be here for 2 years at a time.
We will have Subtles, Brights, Regals and Neutrals. Here are the new families.

New In Color Programme
One part of our Colour Renovation that we’re sure you’re going to love is the new In Color programme. The In Color programme has been a very successful colour programme in other Stampin’ Up! markets, and we are excited to bring it to you! In Colors are a selection of new colours that are introduced every year, in addition to the core colour lines. Each year we will introduce five new In Colors, and they will remain for two years.
Colours that are going...

This means that the 2010-2011 In Colors will be introduced this year, but will not be retired until the 2012-2013 colours are introduced. This year there will be only be five In Colors, but after that, we will always have ten (the previous year’s plus the new). Look for a later announcement on this year’s In Colors.

I hope you like and you won't be too upset as there are loads of great colours coming.

Dont forget that if your favourite ink pads are amongst those being retired then now is the time to buy a full set of reinkers.

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