Sunday, March 7, 2010

It finally feels like spring has arrived

The sun is shining & the sky is blue
Here's hoping that we have seen the last of the snow for now.
I am at home today as Abi is now finally on the mend, { fingers crossed } Paul has gone to see the grandchildren & deliver some birthday presents, we couldn't go as Abi isn't up to the car journey as its a round trip of 300 miles which we thought was too much for her at the moment. Paul has taken the camera to take some up to date photographs of the grandchildren as they are growing so fast & changing every time we see them. So Dan has gone out for a walk to take some photographs for his final project for his A level photography piece, he went with the instruction too try & find me a snowdrop picture so I can finish a little mini book layout I started a few weeks ago at the crop.

Forest Friends
Close to cocoa
Old Olive"
12" x 12" Kraft card
Designer series papers
Merry moments

So he has the camera, its freezing cold so what else is there to do?
finish of some of the projects that are sitting on the desk in my craft room.

My Mum told me a funny story on the phone about a conversation that she had about snowdrops last week.
She was in a taxi on her way too the dentist & making polite chit chat with the driver.
Mum " Isn't spring lovely, I haven't seen many snowdrops yet"
Taxi driver "sorry You've not seen many!! Snowdrops"
Mum " maybe the ground is still freezing & they cant poke through yet"
Taxi driver " Snowdrops come from the sky love" { I can just imagine the puzzled look on his face obviously think my Mum is suffering from a senior moment }
Mum " No dear snowdrops are plants & they come up through the ground, Your thinking of Snow flakes they come from the sky"
This did make my Mum chuckle but she's still isn't sure that the taxi driver believed her.

Thank you Dan for taking the pictures for me

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