Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Mothers day

Wishing you all a happy mothers day.

Mothers are Angels
Mothers are very special friends.
They're, truly, angels in disguise.
Whatever needs fixing, she's willing to mend.
She doesn't know it all. But, she tries.

You can tell her your secrets
And she'll never tell.
But, you can't hide things from her,
Because she knows you too well.

She knows when you're happy.
She can sense when you're blue
And, with her motherly instincts,
She'll know what to do.

Mothers are counselors,
Nurses, and such.
They'll do anything for you
Because they love you so much.

They'll listen intently,
Without saying a word,
And they won't think your problems
Are weird or absurd.

A mother's intuition
Is powerfully strong.
With unconditional love,
Her heart sets the tone.

She'll help solve your problems,
If you'll ask her to,
Because she knows, in her heart,
"That it's what mothers do."

Mothers are angels
Sent from God, up above,
And, next to our Savior,
There is no greater love.

So, this Mother's Day,
I'll just send out a prayer
Filled with gratitude and love
For all mothers, everywhere.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum,
And to all mothers, everywhere.
"God couldn't be everywhere at once.
That's why He created mums."

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