Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Know You're Addicted to Scrapbooking If...

  • When you reach into your purse, your family scatters - they think you are reaching for that dreaded camera!
  • You see something metal in a parking lot or on the floor and you go back to pick it up. It turns out to be some sort of buckle/pop tab type of thing, so you pop it in your pocket, and think - yeah, I can put some ribbon through that.
  • You purchase every scrap magazine that hits the shelf, even though more than half the layouts in some are NOT your style.
  • You dream about layouts or crops.
  • You buy scrapbook "stuff" and have no idea how you are going to use it but think, "I will use it someday."
  • When you start scanning kids clothes because they would make great inspiration for a scrapbook page.
  • When you spend all day at work/school sketching layouts instead of working/studying.
  • You know you're addicted when you find an awesome piece of paper and actually DRESS your child up for pictures in clothes to MATCH THE PAPER.
  • You know you're addicted when your husband runs into the local eatery yelling "I need truck's on fire!" And your first response is, "WAIT! I have the camera!"
  • ( I can relate to this one definately as last year our little cat went missing & after 3 days we found her up a tree, paul bravely rushed to get a ladder & shinned up the tree to save her, whilst Abi shouted " Wait there while I get a picture & then mum can scrapbook it")
  • You plan vacations around scrapbook stores or drive 175 miles to a scrapbook store.

Okay, own up how many boxes would you tick if you took the addiction test?

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