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World in Conflict

Background causing buildings

World In Conflict (WIC) as a war fiction, scenarios assume that U.S. military forces with NATO being the opponent attacks on its territory immediately. The fierce battle going on in Europe, the alliance at America - Nato is carried deep into the region's key rivals, the U.S. military suddenly get hung believe the enemy has alliances within sea, is filled to attack the city of Seattle with a force very crowded and combative. U.S. President ordered immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces in Europe to return to the response, rescue the country is at risk. And the government also measure the final solution, if the city fell into a bad Seattle is the fall of the U.S. will use measures to settle the last war, is to use the atomic bomb.

Interface and how to play strange

WIC is a strategy game in real time (RTT), but what you will not have to collect resources, or the construction cost of their base. On the other hand when starting a new game screen, you'll be given a score of soldiers Institute (reinforcement points) appropriate and will "ordered" the infantry unit vaccine based on that. When an infantry unit of your race somehow destroyed, points to buy units that will be recovering slowly and you can summon them back to the battlefield. From there, you will have to complete tasks, with other soldiers that you have selected strains. Of course the performance of tasks depends on how you coordinate with other strains of the soldiers how. If anyone ever own battle with Ground Control will meet similarities when WIC experience.

WIC interface look cover has a small part compared with other strategy games. Design "no frame" interface to interact with the game collapse to bottom of the screen. In the middle is a list of infantry units race, top right is a list of hospital infantry you can invoke a small map in the lower left corner, the button functions in the lower right corner and the list of options select weapon support (similar to the C & C) in the left corner. The layout of the game console is not out quite neat goal to help you easily manage your army on the map. In addition, the overview map feature lets you view of the battlefield, in the form of images taken from satellites very convenient for players to move to a certain position.

Camera in the game can turn flexibility to 360o. Will use the four keys W, A, S, D to move the camera around the map, and use the mouse to observe the directions. Interestingly, local area you will see the battlefield from above or lower vision camera down near the ground: this time you can clearly see the strain of his infantry units as you play a second game shooting angles three. This is a click worth of WIC.


Game play is open to the concept of a modern tactics is the ability to use airborne, move quickly up the armored battalions to the key position on the battlefield and behind the front line, or your opponent's weaknesses , from which the battalion is attacked and occupied the strategic position as the fulcrum for the next trip are not shipping. The idea of creative tactics are used throughout the game and promote it works great. In the game players are key to select the place in the battlefield and drop troops to conduct various important tasks. There are three factions participating in the WIC war the United States, Soviet Union and NATO. But in single player you only use the two sides is Myva Nato allies. You can only select players in the Soviet alliance network only. The player will play the role of Major Parker with his group under the command of the general elderly adept, step by step rooms online breach of progress on rescue rival Seattle. Each task is a step to introduce you how to use a new vaccine and soldiers coordinate them with other units so that the effectiveness of the fight you reach the highest level. Depending on the difficulty the players selected in the first screen that the time allowed will increase or decrease. So to complete the task, you will have the soldiers control a skillful general, if you not only fail but also affects your allies in the war. Not at all. when you destroy all opponents in a base, you are defending it for some time enough to head a small defense erected marked range expansion of his faction on the battlefield.

Allied control or AI opponents will do the game management. This makes you "light burden" partly because of the job you have managed to reduce significantly. Instead, you just have to focus on military force to destroy opponents in the primary goal. Or beside the definition, the beautiful game also revealed some weaknesses. Typically the game AI in single player mode is not the balanced against Skirmish mode. Players can predict the location and how to move your opponent's computer easily. You should be careful because sometimes you marched up the campaign will draw out the road very dangerous, if not timely intervention can make you not an army. Also, instead of your own thoughts to find direction of solving the tasks the game pretty much made suggestions and advice, which sometimes makes the task becomes too easy to make. But with Skirmish mode is completely opposed to this, AI's machine proved extremely wise to know to use tactical flexibility, a mix of infantry racial comments should eat sometimes very easily from within the game war. After each game screen, you will be rewarded with a number of medals to evaluate its ability to manage and improve your campaign. You can use this to compare achievements with friends or other gamers around the world.

Each unit of the WIC Branch has the ability to attack and defense are separate. Just such a team of soldiers equipped with anti-tank missiles, if placed right position can stop both groups increased - armored enemy; the armored walls can create smoke surrounded the team makes rivals take targeted; heavy tank missiles are heat sensitive and high damage; helicopter called air ... These features are automatically recovered after each use. Some features of the WIC is more in network mode, you can only select a single racial category infantry. This means each member of the team will keep a role of private capital in the battle. Apart from the highlights mentioned above, game still many other attractions waiting for you to discover.

Graphics, sound excellent

WIC is in the battlefield before your eyes extremely fierce and lively. Everything is the slow growth slightly meticulous detail. From the eye of the arms lem excellent sniper, until combative appearance of heavy tanks, working horn add to the front full of fire and smoke and a heavy ordnance. Explosion effects are presented very well, from fire by air artifacts left on the fire ground, the scene of the house exploded, all very real. Will necessarily have to chisel uninterrupted city skyline as seen with the atomic bomb devastated. According to feelings of the writer, the game graphics can encapsulate in two words: great. However, you will need a card type to feel quite full integrity and beauty of the game if conditions, you should admire the game, Vista's DirectX 10 platform will be more than great.

Sound in the game is also quite good polishing. You will be startled when hearing the whiz of the fire disaster B52 bombers, or shake each series of car fire rocket bombardment on enemy bases. Image and sound incorporates create a perfect battlefield ever seen you. A point unfortunately the battle to the high movement background music sometimes too boring, somewhat reduced by interest as well as the gas phase come Battles of the players.

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WIC has indeed pleased regardless of the crowded waiting gamers, the game was delayed Sierra released many times. While still a small hotel a few seeds in the game but with original gameplay, a combination of the excellent graphics and sound, very worthy of receiving WIC title of "Best Tactical Game of the Year 2007".

¤ Minimum System Requirements:

• OS: Windows ® XP, Windows Vista ™
• CPU: Single-core 2.0 GHz or faster (2.2 GHz for Windows Vista ™)
• CPU: Dual-core Any Intel ® or AMD ®
• RAM: 512 MB (1 GB for Windows Vista ™)
• Graphics: 128 MB video RAM, DirectX ® 9.0c-compatible
(NVIDIA ® GeForce ® 4 MX, ATI ® Radeon ® 8500, 9200 not supported)
• Sound: DirectX ® 9.0c compatible
• Hard Drive: 8 GB or more available hard drive space

¤ Recommended System Requirements:

• OS: Windows ® XP, Windows Vista ™
• CPU: 2.5 GHz or faster
• RAM: 1024 MB (1.5 GB for Windows Vista ™)
• Graphics: 256 MB video RAM, DirectX ® 9.0c-compatible
• Sound: DirectX ® 9.0c compatible


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