Thursday, January 7, 2010

We have snow

Whoooo we have snow, at last.
All week there have been severe weather warnings on the news & our children who are in Bracknell have been having very severe snowfall about 12" on Tuesday night & all we had was the leftovers from new years day & a very light sprinkling yesterday morning whilst I made my way to work, but this m
orning at least 6" had fallen.
The cats weren't too keen to go out & when they did venture into the snowy garden they only stayed out long enough to do the essential business.

Sassy the bravest of our cats ~ look at his huge tail
I went out for the bus & waited an hour & 20 minutes & the snow was falling, but no busses arrived so I phoned work & stayed at home as by this time I was frozen.

When I eventually thawed out I decided to do some scrapbooking, well 2 scraplifts actually as I loved these layouts.

The first layout was taken back in 2006 when we went on a family holiday too Brittany, we started to scrapbook the holiday when we returned but paul's Dad died 6 weeks later & it became to hard to scrap at the time, so i'm digging out the pictures & have added it too my ~scrapping to do list~

Paul in the Botanical gardens.

The Christmas portait layout is inspired by the Cover of Decembers creating Keepsakes magazine

The pictures were our self portraits this Christmas.

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