Saturday, January 2, 2010

The trials & tribulations of a novice knitter

I can safely say that knitting has never been on my bucket list of things to do before I die..................That was until we got this beautiful new wool in at work.

To say that I am not one of lifes natural knitters would not be an understatement. When I bought the wool 2 weeks before Christmas I had to get someone at work to cast me on the 12 stitches needed, within 2 hours I had managed to drop a stitch & in frustration pulled the whole lot off the needles, It then took me a further 3 hours with the help of this video to get the requisite 12 stitches back on the needle.

Casting on

With all of the prep for Christmas & four cats I hadn't got very far with my pom pom scarf, so I took it away at new year & got nearly 30" knitted, I have also got quite proficient at picking up dropped stitches & re-casting on as when Abi saw my wool she wanted to try knitting her own scarf, the only hitch being that she is a leftie. But fortunately she is also ambidextorous & I have manged to show her right handed, tonight she has managed about 10 rows & only twice gained stitches.

The irony of this DIY accessory is I chose blue as I fancied a new coat in either blue or turquoise I had seen two I liked one formal & the other casual, but in the sales on Friday I bought two beautiful new jackets that i had looked at before Christmas & neither of them is blue! Oh well I guess I could make a second scarf, there are so many beautiful colours.

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