Friday, January 15, 2010

Still here

I am still here, well my body is, I have had a headache for 18 days now. On Monday I went to the Doctors after 14 days with a headache I was getting very concerned, the level of pain varied from Migraine to painful to touch my head, The Dr's gave my antibiotics to fight the virus that they think is causing the head pain, whoa I wake up Tuesday with a Migraine & cant move my head or neck......By Wednesday night I am vilolently sick & cant lay my head on the I have had enough day 18 & still in pain only now my ribs & chest hurt, i'm hoping that is only from being so sick, The Dr's are going to run tests starting with a blood test on Monday, but they suggested it could also be stress!! I have been through awful times in my life & not felt this bad.
So I'm here but haven't been doing an awful lot except sleeping.

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