Monday, January 25, 2010

Scrapbooking Me

When I was scrapbooking pictures of james & the boys It made me realise there was a major problem with the beautiful pictures I had....................Mummy ( kerry ) was missing from all of them, she plays a huge part in the lives of james & the boys yet she is not in any of the photo's. This got me thinking & as I looked back over the last 10 months of my scrapbooking addiction I realised like kerry I hardly featured in any of the layouts. I decided to address the balance and at least once a month make a couple of layouts of myself.

I have put together a checklist of some of the ideas & themes I would like to cover.

  1. Circle of Friends
  2. Crafts & Hobbies
  3. A Day in the Life
  4. Faith & Me
  5. Favorites
    • Activities
    • Clothes
    • Games
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Books
  6. Favorite Foods
    • Restaurants
    • Drinks
    • Snacks
    • Desserts
  7. Favorite Job
  8. Fears
  9. Growing Up
    • Where I was born
    • Where I lived
    • How many houses I lived in
  10. Hairstyles through the Years
  11. High School Years
  12. Hopes and Dreams
  13. Housework & Me
  14. I am Blessed
  15. I am Grateful
  16. The Last 10 Years (how I have changed over the years)
  17. Making My House a Home
  18. Man of My Dreams
  19. Mum & Me
    • What we do together
    • What our similarities are
    • What our differences are
  20. My Emotions
    • What makes me happy/sad
    • What makes me laugh/cry
    • What makes me angry
    • What makes me nervous
  21. People That Inspire Me
  22. Pieces of Me
  23. Self Portrait (a personal photo and journaling about the photo)
  24. Uniquely Me (things that make me unique)
  25. Vacation Favorites
  26. My names (maiden, married, nicknames)
  27. My Purse
    • Favorite purse
    • What's in it
  28. My quirks
  29. Who am I ?
  30. What do I like
  31. What do I dislike
  32. What am I reading
  33. How will I change over the coming year.
  34. My hopes & dreams for the future
  35. 10 Things about Me
  36. The Chef in Me (love it or hate it)


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