Saturday, January 9, 2010

The ice Sculpture trail ~ Norwich

Just before Christmas we did the Ice sculpture trail around Norwich City centre, the current snowy weather reminded me that I hadn't shared any of the pictures on my blog.
So to put that right here are some of the pictures I took and a littel resume of the sculptures.

The Fencer

Gentleman’s Walk

The first record of a fencing school being advertised in Norwich was in 1751 by Mr Johnson in the Norwich Mercury. He offered lessons in the “Grand Jury rooms in the Hall in the Market - Place”, probably the Guildhall Sword Room. Fencing lessons for gentlemen were considered essential, not only for sword fighting skills which were still current in the Army, and at occasional duels, but also for posture and graceful movement.

The Skateboarder

Castle Gardens

As in many cities, skateboarding is popular in Norwich and it is hoped we will soon have our own specially designed skate park in Eaton Park

Ballroom dancing
All Saints Green (sponsored by John Lewis)

The Thatched Assembly Rooms stood on this site from 1904, until the building was destroyed in the Norwich ‘Baedeker’ Raid of 1942. It was a popular dancing venue between 1910 and 1930 and ended its life as Bonds’ furniture showroom.

Jimi Hendrix

In the 1960s the Orford Cellar hosted performances from rock legends Jimi Hendrix, Ginger Baker, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Elton John, all courtesy of local impresario Howard Platt. It was the place to try out a new line-up or material before going on tour. The Orford also featured popular local acts including Lucas and The Emperors and The Continentals.

The Footballer
Brigg Street

CEYMS (Church of England Young Men’s Society) is the oldest football club still playing in Norwich. Known as ‘Church’, the club won the Norfolk Senior Cup four times between 1897 and 1902. Robert Webster and Joseph Cowper Nutchey were captain and vice-captain respectively when, in 1902, they were instrumental in establishing Norwich City Football Club. CEYMS, however, continues to thrive and currently plays in Division Two of the Anglian Combination.

Mr Pastry
The Forum, Millennium Plain

Richard Lewis Hearne, aka TV’s Mr Pastry, was the first children’s television star to have his own programme. He played a bumbling old man with a walrus moustache, in a black suit or raincoat, and with a trademark bowler hat. He was born in Lady Lane, which once crossed the site where The Forum now stands.

The Beer Barrel

City Hall, St Peters Street

The bronze doors leading to the foyer of City Hall are adorned with 18 plaques illustrating trades connected with the city. During the 17th century, the first breweries were established in Norwich. By 1836, there were 27 breweries, among them several names which were to lead the industry for the next 120 years. The depression in the 1920s and 1930s and higher excise duties marked the industry’s decline

Icy facts

  • The sculptures are made from around 10 tonnes of ice.
  • That's the equivalent of about 10,000 litres of water.
  • Each one is sculpted with Japanese chisels made in the Samurai tradition.
  • They are transported from London at -25C.
  • They are hand-carved by a team of five sculptors over the course of three months.

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