Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a month

We are so glad that today is the last day of November & the month is finally over.
It has been probably one of the hardest months we have shared together as a family, I guess it really started in October with my Mum being rushed into hospital and having major bowel surgery & being in hospital for nearly three weeks & the battle that followed to get a home care package in place was totally draining.
At the end of October we managed three days away out of the week we had planned, we came home on the third day as Paul's uncle had passed away very suddenly, Whilst not the closest of family members in later life this had a profound effect on Paul who at 49 years old was now the oldest Male in the family. So a few more round trips back to Bracknell for the funeral, one good thing too come out of Dereks passing was Louise's visit from Australia, so Paul got to meet his cousin who was so funny & such a spirited lady on her first trip outside her own country & flying solo, the kids all thought she was cool & she much enjoyed her first trip overseas.
November also saw the birth of our 7th grandchild a baby girl called Caitlyne Angel , but it was tinged with sadness as she only lived for 9 hours, so we were all very sad & with another funeral, probably the most beautiful service we have ever attended, but something I hope that we never have to do again.
So you can see it was a tough 6 weeks, so if anyone thought we were crazy putting all of the Christmas decorations up last weekend you can see that we needed something to look forward too. So here's to a happy December & an even happier new year.

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