Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My guilty pleasure

As many of you know our family life has been something of a rollercoaster for the last few weeks, but during that time I have found a couple of guilty pleasures to keep a smile on my face.
The first is Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but they are not available locally & they dont do mail order so I am going to start a campaign to get a Krispy kreme doughnut outlet in Norwich, so when i am off down south tomorrow I will pop into Tesco at Royston and pick up a dozen or two!!

The second is Starbucks eggnog Latte............Anyone that knows me will be surprised at the second as i haven't drunk coffee for about 6 years, but I heard Jane talking about it at the crop on Saturday & gave it a try whilst having a comfort break from Christmas shopping on Sunday & am now totally hooked.
I suppose it's just as well that the Eggnog latte is a seasonal special & will go back under the counter on New years eve, for another year. The downside is I work in the city & there are 4 Starbucks that i pass on my way too & from work so i could need a large dose of will power over the next 36 days.

Maybe as my wedding anniversary is New years eve I should celebrate with a double or two.

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