Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am Lovin' distressing

At my last stampers 10 meeting Michelle showed how to use the distressing tool, that was it I am now totally hooked, I just had to order one. Well now it's here I will be adding some distressed projects over the coming weeks.

The Cutter kit

The cutter kit has four different tools on a keychain and comes in a plastic wallet. What are they and what do they do?

Distressing tool - This seven sided tool is perfect for distressing the edges of your card stock, great for an aged or grunge look. I used it on the card in my last post. It is much easier than using scissors.

Scoring tool - OK we all have a regular scoring tool, normally on our paper cutter. BUT, can it score curves? Why do I need to score curves I hear you say...for pillow boxes perhaps!

Perforating tool - Makes a cut that looks like this, --------------------. Comes in handy for bookmark cards.

Rotary cutter - the perfect tool for cutting curves and wavy lines. Used on this card.

This kit is also great for on the go, when you haven't got the room to carry your larger paper cutter.

Wording shamelesly borrowed from Michelle's blog.

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