Sunday, May 17, 2009

My First crop

Yesterday was my first ever crop............................Yes I know 18 years as a card maker & I had never been to a crop. Jane came over & picked me up as I wasn't sure where to go. Off I went with my new bag & trimmer, you know how it is you cant just turn up with a tesco bag, especially as I work in the trade & as an independant Stampin demonstrator. I hadn't a clue what to put in my bag, so I took a bit of everything, I think I forgot just as much as I took & ended up having to borrow essentials like a black pen & glue pen..............Live & learn I will be better prepared next month..........I promise.
The crop was great, I did get a couple of pages made, but picked up some cool ideas as well as spending loads of time chatting.
I started Abi's Birthday book, I decided to make her a 6 x 6 album of some of her highlights of the year so far, I was really pleased with the finished book, but I was up until gone 11 last night finishing it as I had chatted more than I'd cropped.
Thanks Jane for coming to get me & Alison I had a great time & am looking forward to the next crop.

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